Sure, there are other options out there for studying for your board exam. You can wait until August to take an in-person class, you can buy books on Amazon, or you can scour the web for information on the topics listed in the core content. However, if you want all the information you need in one place, right now, with practice questions to test your readiness, then you're in the right place. We offer convenient options for learning about CI from the comfort of wherever you are. Dig in and get learning now.

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Clinical Informatics Board Review

Pass the Exam the First Time

Now in its third edition! The original board review guide, now with even more practice questions and tough topics.

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2017 Full-Length Exam

Coming soon. This full-length practice exam is better tuned to the real exam using feedback from 2016's customers. Expect more "academia" type questions on topics such as epidemiology, medical statistics, clinical decision making techniques, and more.

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2016 Full-Length Exam

2016's practice exam covers everything from Markov Decision Processes to Precision and Recall. Users can take the exam as many times as they would like. Test your clinical informatics knowledge today.


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Reviews for Previous Versions of our Board Review Book

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Amazon Reader "W. Schuh"

"Very thorough and easy to read. The additional reading suggestions were very helpful."

Amazon User "The King"

"Great succinct summary of pertinent info."

Amazon User "Norton850"

"A good review of boring material"

Our input: Yes, we will admit the topics can be boring, but clinical informatics as a whole can be fun!

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