Pass Your Clinical Informatics Board Exam

Now in its third edition. All the content you need to pass the exam, including over 280 practice questions with explanations. 


Topics Covered In The Book

From Markov to Maslow, We've Got You Covered. 


Clinical Decision Making

Markov Decision Processes, Bayes, Decision Trees, Pretest and post-test probabilities, epidemiology, and more. 


Leading and Managing Change

We bet you didn't cover project management in med school, but this book does. Learn everything you need to know about leading teams, from the triple constraint to hiring and firing. 


Information System Lifecycle

We start with system selection and go all the way up to transitioning and decomissioning. 


Data & Programming

If you can't remember the difference between a class and an object or the last time you had to craft a SQL statement, we'll help you get back to where you were in no time. 


Clinical Data Standards

Learn about the differences between HL7, SNOMED CT, LOINC, RxNorm, NCPDP standards, FHIR, and all the standards you need to know to understand how clinical information systems interface. 


Enterprise IT Systems

We cover everything from systems architecture and software engineering to networking topologies and telehealth. And more!

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About The Book

A straight forward and to the point review book that will help you pass your clinical informatics subspecialty board exam on the first try. 

We cover the topics you need to know for your exam in a clear and concise way. Throughout the book you'll find tons of helpful graphics, chapter summaries, and recommended readings – all designed to help you feel confident with the topics in a manageable time frame. 

We've also included over 280 review questions for you to test your knowledge of each topic area. All questions also include answers and explanations. 


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About the Authors

Rocky Reston, MD, PhD is board certied in clinical informatics and anesthesiology with a PhD in electrical engineering. He has served at multiple levels of the healthcare system, from staff physician, department chair, program director, and C-level executive.

Corinn Pope, MS, PMP is a project manager and web developer. She has managed multiple large-scale health IT projects and developed websites and applications for enterprises and small businesses.