2016 Full-Length Practice Exam

200 Questions

We have 200 challenging questions in store for you designed to test your preparedness and find areas of improvement for you to work on.

This is the most challenging exam we’ve written thus far and will be sure to test your informatics knowledge to the max. Compared to previous year’s editions, we’ve included additional emphasis on topics such as:

  • Markov Decision Making
  • Regulations & Rules
  • Decision Science
  • Process Management & Improvement
  • And more

These questions are different from the ones in our "Clinical Informatics: Pass the Exam the First Time" textbook. The questions in each cluster (50 questions option /200 questions option) are different from one another and there are no repetitive questions.

Questions can be purchased using most major credit cards or through PayPal. You'll be able to take the questions as many times as you would like. Access to questions expire at the beginning of the next calendar year after the October exam. Of course, if you do not pass, just let us know and we'll extend that time according to our guarantee.


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